What are your rates?

Great question. We understand that you want this to be a simple answer.  And it never is.  The cost for any service depends on the duration of the project, the staffing and materials required, as well as the rights granted in the final products. We do offer a discounted rate to nonprofits, foundations and government agencies. 

Who is your "typical" client? Do you have a special area of expertise?

Our clients include many public and private philanthropic groups, capacity-building firms, social change collaboratives, universities and government agencies. We've done a lot of work related to public health, the arts, education and equity. And we are passionate about all of it. The banner below is a compilation of our recent clients. 

Where is your service area? Do you travel?

We are based in Philadelphia, PA but frequently travel for meetings. Please drop us a line if you are curious about having us come to your next gathering, wherever you are.

Do you do logos or websites?

Another good question. We've thought about this a lot. We use visuals to advance planning and learning processes. If it's not about planning or helping people learn, it's probably not in the Illustrating Progress wheelhouse.

Do you do other kinds of art, illustration or comics?

Our services include illustration and infographics for publications that are intended to inform and educate. If you have a request and you aren't sure if it's a fit, don't be afraid to call.

Can I see examples of your work?

OF COURSE. We share our work publicly as often as we can, provided our clients permit it. There are hundreds of examples of our work on the Illustrating Progress Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages.   Click any of the circle icons in the social media footer at the bottom of this page.