the big picture

We use collaborative activities and visuals to advance planning and learning processes.

We offer our clients a range of services targeted at creating the conditions for learning, participation, and commitment in any group process - whether meeting in person or virtually. A meeting with Illustrating Progress may include any of these combinations:

  • We design compelling activities and tools to support reflection, learning team-building and planning efforts.
  • We draw live conversations and presentations to map ideas throughout a planning process or gathering. This is often called graphic recording or scribing. 
  • We develop infographics, storyboards and videos to illustrate complex ideas and processes.

Because we believe that...

  • Fostering creativity is essential to the work of solving today's challenges. 
  • The best teams accommodate different kinds of thinking processes and creative styles. 
  • More creative tools  and processes can support everyone's learning - not just the "visual learners.”
  • It is more important than ever to stay connected. 

You will see the impact immediately.

Visual storytelling and creative facilitation tools can be used together to create a powerful learning experience, engage all participants in a meeting, and result in illustrations that can be shared outside of the meeting to help others understand what was discussed. 

                                           Header Photo Credit: Eva Cruz, Crouching Tiger LLC