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Chrissie Bonner, Principal

Chrissie is an organizational development practitioner and illustrator.  Her interest in organizational development is founded in deeper levels of listening, cultivating behaviors and mindsets necessary for transformative change, and supporting innovation by creating spaces for thinking and creativity. 

She studied studio art and art history at Temple University (B.A.), and later, arts administration at Drexel University (M.S.). 

Chrissie has a background in nonprofit management which she applied to a career in institutional philanthropy and capacity-building for more than 200 nonprofits in Greater Philadelphia from 2007 to 2015.

In 2017, she collaborated with Jefferson University CEO, Steve Klasko and Editor, Michael Hoad, to illustrate  Bless This Mess: A Picture Story of Healthcare in America. 

She serves as adjunct faculty in Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine's Organizational Development and Leadership Master's program. 

She is a member of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners. 

You can see more of her illustration work at www.chrissiebonner.com or on her personal  instagram page.


Trevor Fraley, Illustrator & Designer

Trevor is an illustrator from New Jersey who has always been fascinated by art and animation. From a young age he found that drawing was something that would have a great presence in his life. 

In 2016 he graduated from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia with a Bachelors in Fine Arts. Since then he has worked on a number of freelance positions such as Character Designer for Silverclutch Games and Coloring Book Illustrator for Infinity Coloring Books.

Trevor provides illustration and design elements to aid others along their path to success.

You can see more of his illustration work at www.trevorfraley.com.


Facilitation Partners

Lonnie Weiss

With over twenty-five years of experience, Lonnie is a masterful designer and facilitator of policy development initiatives, strategic planning processes, and collaborative working sessions.  She specializes in complex planning and policy situations that span multiple sectors and professions.  She works at local, state, regional and national levels with not-for-profit organizations, governmental agencies and private industry. Learn more about Lonnie at www.weissconsultinginc.com. 

Shari Gilmore

Shari M Gilmore, MSOD, is the founder and owner of Divine Spectacle LLC. She supports individuals and organizations in viewing the planning, creation, and execution process of their mission, vision, and goals through a holistic lens. She uses her decade of project management experience to provide an equal mix of tenacity, flexibility, and fun to her work. Her sweet spot is working with women and female leaders, and the often taken-for-granted project manager. Learn more about Shari and her work at www.divinespectacle.com.

Nancy Aronson

Nancy  has extensive experience in designing and facilitating large group, task focused strategic meetings. She has applied this expertise to cases related to strategic planning, critical multi-stakeholder meetings, and leadership development. She brings this experience and commitment to supporting the development of others into her teaching and mentoring in the ODL Program at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. You can learn more about Nancy's consulting practice at www.nancyaronson.com.