MEETING Facilitation

Creating the conditions for connection, creativity, innovation and risk.

We design collaborative planning and visioning activities to help leaders foster innovation and creativity across systems. 

Great creative leaders are more than just creative individuals. To effectively address adaptive challenges, leaders need to be equipped with frameworks and practical tools to utilize the thinking, skills, and experiences of those around them. They need to be able to shape an organizational culture that fosters learning, self-awareness and creativity.  

This could include mind-mapping, asset-mapping, co-creating  organizational timelines, personal visioning and much, much more.

These activities help individuals and groups reflect, create shared meaning, work toward a common goal and crystalize their insights. 

It is especially helpful when there is a need for a shift in mindset, more creative approaches, fresh ideas, or when a group simply needs help to connect on a deeper level.

These facilitation tools and live graphic recording become event MORE powerful as tools for learning and planning when used together.